Plugin features.

● Support unlimited customization of fishing progress bar UI, customization of interval probability, number of intervals, floating speed ● Highly customizable weighted fishing probability system Support for MythicMobs monster fishing Support RealisticSeasons, CustomCrops season conditions ● Customize more than ten kinds of fishing conditions, custom Papi expressions "or" "with" ● Command one-click import of items in hand, automatically converted to readable plugin configuration ● Support ItemsAdder, Oraxen, MythicMobs, MMOItems item libraries as drops ● Support original loot table and mcMMO treasure system ● Support fishing skill experience for mcMMO, AureliumSkills, MMOCore, EcoSkills ● Can prevent other players from competing for fishing drops ● Fishing tournament, support Redis cross-play synchronization data ● Customize fishing rod, bait, enchantment bonus, support EcoEnchants enchantment, modify fishing difficulty, double probability, weight and other operations ● Highly optimized, most of the operations are performed asynchronously, and the information display is purely sent packets


customfishing.admin administrator privileges


/customfishing reload Reload Plugin
/customfishing items <type> <get/give> <player_name> <item> Obtain plugin items
/customfishing export xxx export items from another plugin
/customfishing competition <cancel/end/start> <name>

Plugin variables.

● %competition_timeleft% Show current competition time remaining ● %competition_rank% Show current competition ranking
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