InGame configuration

Basic Configuration

EliteFurtniture has the option to configure it in the game through the /ef add command.

In this menu you can add any Furtniture or Custom Block of the plugins compatible with the plugin, you have to click on the object to add it and to remove it is shift plus right click and to receive the table is right click.

In this menu you can add the results of the items that can be made using the table, now to set a crafting of these you must click on the object in the GUI.

Adding objects, deleting them and receiving them is the same way

Once all the crafteos in all the objects have been established, it is ready to work.

if you click in the middle of the mouse on an item (which has its recipes) the Copy option will be made. and if you click on another item with the middle mouse button it does the paste

How do I configure commands?

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