Basic things about Storage

Plugin uses Minimessage Format
To use Colors is a new format, for example <red> and for rgb <color:#FFFFF>

Types of Inventory

In this plugin when creating a Storage you can set different types of Inventory
chest size: 54 slots
Chest type inventory
dropper size: 9 slots
Dropper type inventory
hopper size: 5 slots
Hopper type inventory
dispenser size: 9 slots
Dispenser type inventory

Types of blockstorages

When broken, all items inside the block will be stored in the dropped item, until it is repositioned (same as a shulker).
(Same as an Ender Chest)
(Same as an Chest)
It is a kind of Ender Chest but instead of being global, it will only stay in that block, each person will have a different inventory in that block but if they place the same block somewhere else it will have a different storage

Different files in configuration