First installation

Installing the StorageMechanic plugin



Common Issues

Q: How do I install this? A: You have to proceed to Install Mechanics.jar in the server plugins folder, once installed start server and shut it down, then proceed to place StorageMechanic.jar inside plugins/Mechanics/mechanics and it will be ready, everything will be found from this add-on inside plugins/Mechanics/configs/storagemechanic

Where is the resource pack?

Verify on Discord #⌠🔎⌡verify channel and get it at #⌠🗃⌡storagemechanic-rp
Currently you can get extra content of this plugin like furniture and more in the Salmon Void Silver Star subscription in our Ko-Fi

Can I create new storages?

Yes, create the ones you need


It tells you which storage you have open
It tells you the total number of pages in that Storage.
It tells you which page of the Storage you are on.